the family – GrandMa casual1-SINGLE


the family – GrandMa casual 1

  • x1 G3-360 Character (.ctTBactor) files: 1 angle

the family – GrandMa casual 1-single

Download includes-

  • x1 zipped file containing the following
  • x1 G3-360 Character (.ctTBactor) files: 1 angle
  • x2 Pack preview images
  • x1 Proof of Purchase (.PNG) file.

Character features-

  • A flexible bone system, allowing the character to bend and stretch with realistic movement. ¬†Apply the G3 side facing movements for great results or keyframe for precise control.
  • Full lip-synching and a complete range of facial sprites.
  • Hands are bone hands, great for quick posing and individual finger movement.

One of the props included is your Proof of Purchase. Save this for future promotions through my Facebook page.

The characters sprites are .png based, and as a result, do not have render styles options.

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