Warwick Hays

Designer of Props, Backgrounds and Characters for CrazyTalk Animator by Reallusion.

Warwick Hays’ talent for animation and graphic content is phenomenal. From a strong background going back to his time in education, Warwick’s flair for both 2D and 3D design were apparent. This talent developed through acquiring skills in many leading software packages - most recently CrazyTalk Animator by Reallusion.

Following an approach from Garry Pye (another leading CrazyTalk Animator content developer), Warwick turned his skills to developing props, backgrounds and characters for the Reallusion animation package.

Designing Characters and Props for CrazyTalk Animator

Reallusion provide lots of add-ons for their software, but recently many artists have been pushing the boundaries. Warwick is one such artist. His knowledge of architectural visualisation means his props and backgrounds take on a whole new level of realism. Each scene often has different angles and benefit from Warwick’s skill at multi-layering.

Warwick has also recently branched out into character design, with his rather splendid ‘Cast & Crew’ series. Check back to this site regularly, to see the very best in props, backgrounds and characters for use in Reallusion’s CrazyTalk Animator.

Warwick lives 'down-under' in Queensland, Australia. He enjoys playing saxophone, has come to embrace his inner nerd and is a loving husband and father to the two lovely ladies in his life.